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NImah Gobir

Nimah Gobir (b. 1993 in Los Angeles, CA) is an artist and educator based in Oakland, California. Through paintings and installations, her work primarily explores the nuances and shared experiences of being Black. She draws on text and photo references collected from both family and personal archives. Gobir completed her undergraduate studies at Chapman University with a B.F.A. in Studio Art and B.A. in Peace Studies. She has an M.Ed from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus in Arts in Education. In 2020, she completed a fellowship with Emerging Artist Professionals SF-Bay Area. She has shown work at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, SOMArts, The Growlery (San Francisco), Root Division (San Francisco) where she was awarded the Blau-Gold Studio/Teaching fellowship, the Museum of African Diaspora (San Francisco) and Johansson Projects (Oakland).


Holding Space, Nimah Gobir at the Museum of African Diaspora | Summer 2023 

Holding Space unveils a collection of intimate paintings that consider home, interiority, and belonging in the context of diasporic narratives. Through depictions of her family members and loved ones in everyday situations, Holding Space pauses for a poetic reflection on placemaking.‍

Embroidery, pattern, and textile motifs convey the layered expressive textures inherent to family homes. This exhibition is a meditation on how homes are places that hold secrets, histories, and vestiges of loved ones.

Aunt Ruthie, Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 x 1.5 inches
Kensingston (2023), Oil and embroidery thread on canvas, 24 x 31 inches
Detangle Tint, Oil paint, fabric and embroidery thread on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

“Being an artist is one of the ways I can be close to magic every day.”

Acquired by The Crocker Museum: Chico State (2022), Oil paint, fabric, and embroidery thread on canvas, 32" x 27"

“Nimah’s artwork transcends space and reality by picking you up and placing you in a moment; a memory. Each piece in this collection is a captivating combination of precise brush strokes, soothing color palettes, and skillfully stitched thread; all weaved together to tell a familiar story— Perhaps a childhood memory long forgotten and playfully awakened, or the warmth of being loved by someone you care for. As a fellow young black girl, when I look at her work I see more than representation: I see a true mirror of my own experiences, familial roots, and childhood joy. Nimah’s tireless dedication to her work and developing her craft is a testament to her strength and creative abilities.”


Video short by Jaminh Alcorn (IG @woozygoldie) in collaboration with Johansson Projects

“A lot of it [my art practice] is processing; processing our past and what things were like for my parents when they were my age. Everything that I deal with in my paintings involves family and the home, so it does feel like this really cozy process. Just like my parents raising me seemed to be like a labor of love, and making our way is kind of this loving act.”

-Nimah Gobir

Future St (2024),Oil paint and embroidery thread on canvas, 28" x 36"

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