Featuring: Margo Wolowiec

Show Runs January 23, 2014 – March 15, 2014

Reception: Friday, February 7, 5-8pm

We are increasingly occupied with capturing and sharing our daily routines in streams of digital images and status updates. These moments, although more frequent and accumulative, are becoming more and more fleeting. Margo Wolowiec’s handwoven textiles transform this telematic imagery into ethereal and unreadable textures using a dye and sublimation ink process. There is something contradictory about the traditional, repetitive ritual of her practice and the quick, haphazard speed of the cyber-centric subject matter. Like embroidery made entirely of snags. These works channel cultural waste into something of cosmic relevance. Posited somewhere between sculpture and performance, Wolowiec’s work is a reaction to the growing immaterialities of the contemporary world. Through her dizzying textiles the internet’s grating imagery washes away into something softer, almost dreamlike, like when cereal turns to mush after hours left in milk.