The Velveteen order

Featuring Keer Tanchak and Christina Corfield

Showing April 2nd 2010 – May 15th 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, April 2nd 5-8pm

Christina Corfield crafts moving dioramas which flaunt the brush of a gaze and the stroke of a sword. Her videos hyperbolize the Old Regime’s pretend-sion, ignoring distinctions between historical documentation and fairy tale musings. Redundancy and stripped down actions append significance to the subtlest minutiae. Keer Tanchak’s aluminum glamscapes, which mix 1800’s lackadaisical malaise with the 2000’s self-awareness, quietly invite circumspection of modern wealth and frivolity. Tanchak’s exploitation of Old France’s artificial flavoring sweetens the modern epidemic dubbed “bourgeois ennui.” With seductive visuals and witty commentary, absolutism was never so liberating.

A 2003 MFA graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Tanchak completed her BFA at Concordia University in Montreal in 2000. She has exhibited extensively in Canada and the USA as well as London, Kuwait, Puerto Rico and Mexico City. Tanchak has received recognition and acclaim from publications such as UR Chicago, Montreal Mirror, and Vie Des Arts. Christina Corfield received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute along with a BA from the Glasgow School of art in 2003. She has exhibited in London, Glasgow, San Francisco, Berlin, and Chicago and her work has been written about in The Sunday Times and The Glasgow Herald.