All Exit

Featuring Kal Spelletich

Reception: June 5th, 2009 5-9pm

Johansson Projects lures Kal Spelletich’s walking, crawling, scuttling and shuffling robots to invade the art corridor of Art Murmur on June 5th. A walking BBQ and other interactive life-sized creatures are roused to life through audience operation.

The artist relates “I, of course, do not remember learning to crawl or walk. I wish I could. But these most basic locomotive system operations have always intrigued me. From the first sea creatures crawling out of the water
to a child’s first tenuous steps…

Movements, be it a gait, a hop, a dance, a slither or a swagger always seems to give some enlightening insight into the mover. I hope these robots honor all creatures that have evolved towards slithering, hopping and walking as well as insights into the audience members who choose to operate them.”