making lands

Featuring: Jay Nelson

June 7 – July 20, 2019

Reception June 7, 5-8pm

In Jay Nelson’s prodigious body of built work there is always the dare for the viewer to see from a new perspective. To inhabit what he calls new ‘structures for seeing’. A Honda Civic, as a perspective. A tree, as a perspective. A backyard. The dare in Making Lands is to inhabit Nelson’s quiet nights after putting his children to sleep. And to take up that part calm, part strung out, part meditative – and all monochromatic blue – perspective.


Nelson lives in the San Francisco surfing community and is most known for his architectural structures, which include treehouses, cabins, mobile dwellings and full scale homes. With that work he builds every piece including windows, furniture and fixtures as a way to create a complete experience. With Making Lands he turns to intimate watercolor drawings that mine his subconscious, using the surface to explore light and space.