Pixelated Drift

Featuring: David O’Brien, Tamara Albaitis, and Andrew Benson

Show Runs January 24, 2013 – March 16, 2013
Reception: Friday, February 1, 5-8pm

Johansson Projects presents Pixilated Drift, in which computer glitches and obsolete technologies float, bump, and bleed into one another like continents in motion.

Andrew Benson’s entrancing videos depict liquid pixels, oozing like primal matter between sharp fractals and blinding colors. These epileptic glitches threaten to forever climax, causing a visual overload that forces you submit your brain to pure bliss. David O’Brien’s photographs explore human connectedness by weaving together colorful helices of bodies cloned, stamped, and exploded apart. There exists a sense of detached euphoria in his figures, hovering in space just as our own digital entities float in the void that is the Internet. Tamara Albaitis’ interactive sound drawings invite the viewer to navigate through an artery of aural jungles. As a lo-fi contrast to O’Brien and Benson, Albaitis appropriates audio cable that crawl up the walls, budding clusters of speakers that saturate the atmosphere with sounds of a more tangible world.