Documentation v1.2 – Updated 9/1/2016

Website Overview

The Johansson Projects website is based on the WordPress publishing platform. When logged into the admin area, there is a HELP tab at the upper right that you should use for WordPress specific help … things like how the editor works and what the names of the various controls are and what they do.

This document explains customizations made to WordPress that are unique to this website. These are primarily how to ADD and UPDATE Exhibitions and how to UPDATE the Pages. This doc might be updated periodically so check back. If you do print it out, keep that in mind. The version number is at the top of the page.

WordPress Admin Login

The URL to the login is

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a new password via the “Lost your password?” link on the login page.


General Tips

  • IMAGE FORMATS: For best quality, images uploaded to the site should be JPGs and the quality should be high (8 or 80) or medium (6 or 60). PNGs are not recommended for pictures and TIFF files are not supported.
  • IMAGE SIZES: For the Featured image, a good size is 1920px wide by 620px high. This will look like the image on this page: . You can resize before you upload. Any other size you may need to adjust the image as noted below.
  • WORDPRESS HELP: You can use the in page help function built into WordPress for questions about using the standard WordPress systems. Things like the menus, uploading photos, using the editor, finding UI elements, etc. Click the “Help” tab at the top right of each page.
  • VISUAL COMPOSER HELP: Go here for specifics on using this plugin:
  • PORTFOLIO CATEGORIES: These Categories help you manage the placement of the Exhibitions and Events on the site. Change an Exhibition or Event from Upcoming to Current to Past as it’s status changes.


Important notes for dealing with Exhibition/Event Dates

You will have to deal with publish dates for Exhibitions and Events to get them to appear in the order that makes sense visually on the Exhibition/Events pages. For Upcoming, you can’t put the date in the future because if you do, WordPress will  not publish it until that future date.

With upcoming Exhibitions or Events, you have to make sure the publish date for the Event that’s farthest into the future is later than any Upcoming before that date. When the Events/Exhibitions actually occur, that’s when you should change their publish dates to the actual date.

An example:

  1. Event in November
  2. Event in September

Make the first event’s publish date today’s date and make the second one’s publish date yesterday’s date. That way the second one appears first on the list of Upcoming Events and the first one appears next. This would put them in the most logically order with the first Exhibition/Event appearing first in the list.

For the purpose of keeping Past Exhibitions/Events in order, when the actual date of the first one comes and goes, change the publish date to the actual date and make it a Past Exhibitions/Events. This will keep the Past Exhibitions/Events in the correct chronological order.


Add new Exhibition

Follow screenshots below.













Editing the Press page

Follow the screenshots below. This basically the same as editing in the backend except you would hit EDIT PAGE instead of EDIT WITH VISUAL COMPOSER in Step #1.









Editing other Pages

There are a couple different ways to Edit other Pages on the site. In general, once you get to the Page you want to Edit, the process is about the same as what is shown in the above sections.






Editing the Homepage





Adding a PDF for Press

Go to the page you want to upload a PDF to then follow the steps below


Images at the top of the pages

Generally images that appear on the top of the pages are the Featured Image for that page. There are some options for how they appear but it would probably be your best best to edit the image you want before you upload it. The best size for this image is 1920px wide by 620px high. If you don’t want to edit, there are options to make this image appear differently. You can change the size as noted below to have the image take up more or less vertical space. Changing the size below to LARGE will make an image take up less vertical space regardless of the aspect ratio of the image. This is the part of the site with a bunch of variables so you have to look at what’s already there and the sizes of the images uploaded and whether they are set as FULL or LARGE.





Clearing the Cache

The site uses a cache to basically speed up the site. This cache is cleared automatically once every 24 hours. From time to time you may need to manually clear the cache. The screenshot below shows you where that is. Users that are logged in will not see the cache only the public will. I would recommend clearing the cache after you are done with updates for the day.



Contact Form

I have the Contact Form setup to collect submissions as well as forward them to If you want to change any settings on this form, let me know. This is just where you would check the collected submissions. There is a function to export form data if you would like.